1. Sometimes the oddest things turn out to be the most beautiful. Who would have thought?!

  2. "Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Always try to achieve above and beyond because the finish product will be worth it. I never thought that I would walk the path that I am on, but I always knew that I wanted to live more in life. Passion and drive are my favorite passengers on my journey. They help me break down doors and hold me high when I reach the end. Bless the people that I have in my life who are my motivators. If it weren’t for them the work I put in wouldn’t be as strong. The big finish line is still far away, but I am crossing mini finish lines everyday. Starting ambitions high, put in some hard work, and step over your finish line!

  3. Happy St. Patty’s Day! 🍀🌈 I am lucky to have the opportunity to live life and I enjoy every second of it. I am proud to have Irish roots and come from such a strong culture. Share your fortunes no matter what they may be. I choose to share my fortune of love. I love all of you and may your day of green be filled with luck. What are you lucky for? (at Frear Hall)

  4. Going to see a play. I love that we are a couple that does fun stuff. Things that other couples don’t usually do. I love it. Thanks babe for coming. @kalanikoa53 🎥 (at Kennedy Theatre)

  5. "You are the only person on earth who can use your ability." -Zig Ziglar
    I was blessed with the ability to enjoy high speeds. The thrill of going 180+ mph fills my heart with great love and energy. Some of my greatest moments in life are achieved with this car and my crew. All together we reach great milestones. Well quarter milestones. Lol. Thank goodness I was blessed with this ability, and had the love and support from others to unlock it. I couldn’t be where I am now without them. What’s your ability? #loveyourability #racing #loveit #racegirl #whatmakesmehappy

  6. Good morning everyone! It’s a Sunday funday and I hope you are doing something fun. I’m spending my morning at ala moana and studying later. Time to get to business. I love today already and it just started!! 💕 (at Ala Moana Center)

  7. Movie date with the boyfriend. Got to see 300. It was a pretty good movie. The action sense were intense and there were lots of abs! LOTS OF ABS!! @kalanikoa53 #datcoupledoe #bestcoupleNA #totesadorbs (at Regal Theaters Pearl Highlands Stadium 12)

  8. Wrote him love letters after his long days at work this week. I was only going to write one but I ended up writing 26 of them. Lol. Putting a smile on his face is the best part of my day. @kalanikoa53 #bestboyfriendNA #datcoupledoe #loveletters #lovehim #swag #dabest

  9. Finally went bowling last night after a year off. My body aches but it was worth. Thanks babe for coming and helping with my therapy and having lots of fun. And yes you are sempai for beating me. 😑 @kalanikoa53 (at Leeward Bowl)

  10. It’s been a pretty awesome month so far. So what down hill from here? Nah I don’t think that’s possible with you! Happy first month babe~ 👉👉 👫 @kalanikoa53

  11. What college is really about. This is exactly how I feel. College why you so difficult.

  12. This is Mars if it still had water - oh mai gawd!! damn that is soooo cool.

  13. Aulani with my pretty awesome boyfriend? Sure why not. Best boyfriend in the world. Thanks love for taking me! It’s an awesome experience. @kalanikoa53 👫 (at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa)